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Bleach hair: tips and step by step to bleach the hair correctly

Who doesn't like to change the look from time to time, right? This is a common desire of many men and women. For, from time to time, we all want to renew our appearance. And one of the most efficient ways to do this is to bleach hair . Get more info here: How long to leave bleach in hair 30 vol


If you want to adopt blonde , platinum hair , color, make locks or any type of lightening in the strands, bleaching the hair may be necessary.


And despite being a simple, fast and very transformative process, bleaching your hair requires some care so that you have not only different and renewed locks, but also healthy ones.


Hair bleach: how it works

Simply put, bleaching hair means adding hydrogen peroxide and bleaching powder to remove pigment from the hair fiber. That way, the strands are clear and you can apply another color.


This is because the hydrogen peroxide opens the hair cuticles. Allowing the bleach to reach the capillary cortex and remove the melanin, which is responsible for coloring the hair.


Efficient discoloration is the result of two elements: time and volume. You may have noticed that hydrogen peroxide is divided into volumes. Therefore, the greater the volume, the more the scales will open and the more the hair will be discolored. Time also counts a lot, the more you let the product act, the clearer it will become.


But it must be remembered that bleaching hair is a highly aggressive process. Since the larger the volume and the longer you leave the bleach on the strands, the greater the aggression against the hair.

When is it necessary to bleach hair?

Many people are surprised when they learn that they will have to bleach their hair to do some aesthetic procedure on the strands. This is because several techniques require the use of bleach.


Anytime you want to lighten your hair immediately, whether with highlights, ombrè hair and Californian locks, you will probably need to bleach it. There are methods that lighten the threads progressively. Like, for example, the application of chamomile tea, but the effect is much more subtle and time-consuming than discoloration.


In addition, if you want to dye your locks a lighter and more vibrant tone than the natural one, you should also discolor your hair. In general, owners of black, brown and dark blond hair almost always need to resort to bleach when they want to become red, blonde or adhere to fancy colors, such as pink and blue, for example.

What to do before bleaching hair?


As you already know, bleaching hair is a very aggressive process and can significantly damage it. So it is important to take a series of precautions to ensure that you will not only have lighter, but also healthy hair.


Before discoloring them, assess the condition of the hair. If they are fragile, brittle and elastic, the discoloration process must be delayed. When your hair is already damaged and you submit it to a technique like this, the tendency is for the strands to become even more damaged and break. This is certainly not what you want.


So capriche in hair care with moisturizing sessions, nutrition, reconstruction and wetting to give the wires all the elements they need to become strong and healthy. Only then consider discoloring.